Oyh: Ellie
Starring the following model:
This is the very first episode of Oyh, The segment Oyh os a very simple one. We pick out a pretty lady and dump as much slime as we have on her head.

This episode features Ellie. Ellie is not a model, we had met her before in our local coffee and her dry sense of humour and sharp sarcasm attracted us to her straight away, and when we told her what we do, she was straight up for it.

By the time she saw the slime sitting there in buckets, she did get a little nervous but we told her if she backed out we would be super sarcastic next time we had coffee. And the time after that.

So, Ellie dressed in a denim skirt, black heels and a red tank top rolled into the studio to take three buckets of thick green goo... on her head!

File count:1
Total size:50.5 MB
Runtime:4 mins, 33 secs
Scene ID:19975
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