The Vote: Abigail Vs. Marie
Starring the following model:
"Yeah, we slimed a nurse."

In our epic second episode of The Vote Abigail smack talked her friend Marie until she agreed to face to face with you, the general public voting on who should be slimed.

A week later they met in our studio for the final verdict, knowing one would be slimed while the other got to sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

Unfortunately for Abigail, she was late to the studio and just made it in time, but not time enough to change out of her nurses uniform she had been wearing all day.

Even more unfortunate for Abigail she lost by a large margin, and what the people want, we give!

Buckets of green and orange slime later, Marie was having the time of her life watching her friend meet her very messy fate, while all Abigail could do was sit there and take the slime!

However, our host Lauren was not a fan of Marie getting away with it; We don't know what score she felt she had to settle, but she saved a bucket and got Abigail to help her pour it over a hapless Marie.

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