Bundle: The Best Of Amber
Starring the following model:
In any shortlist for our favorite girls to make a mess of, Amber will always be there. She's cute, she's hot, and she's got a sharp mind and a sharp sense of humor. She always brings attitude to the studio, and she takes a lot of pride in her appearance.

And we always take a lot of pride in destroying her with mess. These are the videos we argued over to go on the list of her at her four finest, and messiest. All for one great price.

Number of scenes:4
File count:4
Total size:779.36 MB
Runtime:16 mins, 3 secs
Scene ID:25418
Bundle price:
Originally $21.50


Includes These 4 Scenes
Buy individually, or get the whole bundle and save $5.50.

Strip Or Slime: Amber (Attempt 2)
Added 7/6/17    1576 views
$6.00 35% off!
Amber played Strip Or Slime once before and, well, it didn't go well for her. She demanded to have another chance so we brought her back. Strip Or Slime is a game show....
Gunge Girl Amber
Added 2/20/17    1542 views
$6.00 35% off!
Amber is a stone cold favorite of GungeGirls.com. We love her up-front attitude, sharp tongue, impish sense of fun, and ability to take a bucket of slime on her head whi...
Introducing Amber
Added 7/3/16    2127 views
$4.50 35% off!
Amber has great presence, interacts with a camera beautifully, and has the added bonus of being hot. So when we came to shoot a short introduction to the site she was th...
The Vote--Amber Vs. Honey
Added 6/24/16    1811 views
$5.00 35% off!
We took two close friends and put them up against each other: One would be slimed, one would walk away nice and clean. They each made a video appealing as to why they s...
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