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"Frock or food?!"
Hmmm, I get the feeling Jess didn't know the game when she picked her outfit! Still for a gunge fan, all that taking clothes off stuff is just wasting time so there's more mess to enjoy in this scene than others in the series! Great reactions throughout. iain-ecgunge, 2/4/17
"Clothes or custard!"
Surely this should have been named clothes or custard given the slime is not only talked about as gunge but is custard! (I know pedantic sod...) Bex gets rather nicely covered in this nice scene. iain-ecgunge, 2/4/17
"Nice simple game"
It's a simple concept, with some nice squirming throughout, although perhaps the game would benefit from a random choice on the strip or slime element to spread the fun out more. iain-ecgunge, 2/4/17
"A must-get classic!"
Gungegirls never disappointed when it came to gunge consistency and coverage. This video is one of their best shoots, where the blonde model is slowly covered in bucketfuls of thick brightly coloured slime. She gets its over her face, which everyone loves until she's unrecognisable under all the gloop and best of all, she's really enjoying it. This may seem like a long video, but its actually relatively brief; the gungings are over quite quickly and are then replayed in slow motion, albiet jerky slo-mo. overallsfann, 6/26/16
"Sexy girl in custard"
She's a sexy girl who takes off her clothes and gets covered in custard. She's been in custard corner twice before with flashblacks to prove it so she clearly enjoys wearing custard. nice shot at the end in the shower Gunge2000, 7/27/13
"Bubbly and Sexy!"
Really enjoyed this clip, the girl is really bubbly and cute and loves to have to strip down and take the custard! Hope to see more from this girl in the future. wamfan101, 7/5/13
"A GungeGirls Classic of Classics"
GungeGirls has done countless "votes" in their long illustrious history. Out of so many videos it's hard to pick THE best, but the one between Kate and Fi has deserves strong consideration. Fi looked absolutely gorgeous in this video and the news of her losing the vote is a true cause for celebration. A fitting fate for one of GungeGirl's all-time best models.

Listening to everybody in the room conspire against our hapless loser and give Kate "tips" on how best to gunge her was a delight. The gunge came in two flattering colors with one being pleasantly warm and the other fiendishly cold. As you can see by the photos, the gunge produced natural and hilarious reactions. If you're having trouble choosing which GG scene to buy or just need help finishing your collection you can't go wrong with this. gness7, 3/19/12
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